In a move that seems to echo current trends and preferences toward bicycling and walking, officials putting together the Gordie Howe International Bridge project announced Wednesday that the new bridge will be biking and hiking friendly.

The span that is targeted for completion in 2022 will have a dedicated “multi-use path” for bicyclists and walkers between the two countries.

The Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority, the nonprofit Canadian Crown corporation overseeing the project, has asked the three design teams to include the path in their responses to the request for proposals for the bridge.

Here are more details.

The multi-use path will be one lane that will accommodate two-way traffic of pedestrians and cyclists, and be tied into local road networks. If you’re going to cross via the path, pedestrians and cyclists will be required to carry the same identification as if they were going by automobile and will be processed through the respective countries’ customs and immigration systems.

It is anticipated that the multi-use path will be a little over a mile and a half long, about 11 feet wide, and will be located on the east side of the bridge.

Concrete barriers will separate pedestrians and cyclists from vehicular traffic to ensure the safety and security of the traveling public.

“Today’s announcement is an example of how WDBA responds to opportunities our communities bring to our attention. We have heard you loud and clear that the ability to cross the Gordie Howe International Bridge by bike or by foot is important to you,” said Dwight Duncan, Chair of the WDBA Board of Directors in a statement. “They say that a vision needs a plan, otherwise it’s a dream and I am pleased to say that dreams do come true. The integration of a multi-use path will benefit the communities, as it will support active transportation, a healthy lifestyle as well as enhance cycle tourism across the border.”

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