Meet the people that make Daily Detroit possible. These are most the voices you'll hear most often lately.

Jer Staes

Host & podcast co-founder

Jer Staes has broadcast TV, sports, social media marketing and corporate communications experience over a career spanning two decades. Credits include WDIV, international networks, Detroit Public Television, and more.

He also handled social engagement for the Detroit Regional News Hub, working as a concierge for over 1,000 journalists over five years from around the globe telling the city and region’s story, as well as spent time heading digital communications in the staffing space, with a heavy focus on community work. East sider.


Norris Howard

With a journalism background, Norris was the co-host and producer of the first internationally syndicated radio show about e-sports and video games. From the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit, he brings an on-the-ground perspective to the conversations about Metro Detroit. West sider.


Shianne Nocerini

Producer, Contributor

Shianne Nocerini is an associate producer and audio editor who joined the team in 2015 as a writer. Her background is in political science with a focus on public policy. Shianne is an active member of the She Podcast Supersquad and was named one of Metro Detroit’s top mom bloggers. She is the pink laptop on media row. East sider.

Devon O’Reilly


Devon O’Reilly is our resident “Man about Town”. Living and working in Detroit, he has passed through the doors or over 400 bars, restaurants, and establishments in the city. Always on the hunt for a new places to explore, he can be found anywhere good drinks and delicious food are served. Aficionado of happy hours and brunches. West sider.


Robin Runyan


Robin's career in local media includes being the editor of Urbanize Detroit, and formerly of Curbed Detroit. She's a talented writer with a sharp wit, a dog, and a love for baseball. (Barely) on the west side.


Fletcher Sharpe

Contributor, Sports

Fletcher Sharpe is a Detroit-area soccer journalist who covers lower-division U.S. Soccer for outlets including Midfield Press, MLive and the National Premier Soccer League. He has worked major events including the U.S. Women’s National Team, a friendly match between the Ecuador and Guatemala men’s national teams, and the NPSL National Championship. Sharpe co-hosted The Outer Drive podcast from 2014-2016 and is pursuing an undergraduate degree in journalism from Wayne State University. East sider.


Randy Walker

Operations Engineer, Contributor

Randy Walker is a self-proclaimed geek and provides technical advice and support. He works as an e-learning developer, technical writer, and podcast engineer. Randy loves both cooking meals at home and dining at Metro Detroit hotspots, and he is enthusiastic about craft cocktails and visiting fun local bars. East sider (nowadays).


Luciano Marcon

Behind-the-scenes contributor

Also thanks...

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