Sadly, summer is swiftly drawing to a close. Back to school sales are already upon us, and the kids are thinking up new ways to get out of going to school. If you’re not quite ready to let go of summer yet, don’t worry. There’s still time to hit some of the best frozen dessert shops in Metro Detroit. Don’t be surprised if you find a new favorite shop.

1. Detroit Pop Shop

Detroit Pop Shop

What’s so exciting about popsicles? They’re just…popsicles, right? Wrong. The Detroit Pop Shop has forever redefined what it means to eat a popsicle. With unique flavors like watermelon basil, grapefruit habanero, and strawberry balsamic, you’ll wonder how you managed to survive for so long without them. The best part is that the flavors come from in-season produce.

The Detroit Pop Shop is located at Eastern Market every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you need some delicious popsicles right now, head to Parker Street Market, 1814 Parker St., Detroit, and grab some goodies to share with your friends.

2. Ray’s Ice Cream

Rays Ice Cream

Need some cold, creamy relief from the heat? Try Ray’s Ice Cream at 4233 Coolidge Hwy. in Royal Oak. The family-owned parlor has been in business since 1958. Some of the wonderful ice cream flavors you can get at Ray’s include blueberry pie, superman, chocolate malt crunch, and cotton candy confetti. If you’re not in Royal Oak, stop by one of Ray’s many retail partners.

3. Calder Brothers Dairy

Calder Brothers

From field to freezer, you can’t beat Calder Brothers Dairy for fresh, delicious ice cream. The milk used for the ice cream come from the dairy’s cows in Carleton, MI. Stop into the dairy’s ice cream parlor at 1020 Southfield Rd, Lincoln Park from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. You’ll find fun flavors like fudge swirl, orange pineapple, and chocolate peanut butter.

4. Neveria La Michoacana

la neveria

Located at 4336 West Vernor Highway across from Clark Park in Mexicantown is a little ice cream shop that can’t be beat. Neveria La Michoacana serves fresh ice cream, but the treats don’t stop there. You can also buy paletas, or Mexican fresh fruit popsicles. Try the tamarind and watermelon flavors. You won’t regret it. If you want something to quench your thirst, try an agua fresca. It’s similar to an iced smoothie.

5. Shatila


Where can you find some of the best Middle Eastern treats Michigan has to offer? Shatila Bakery and Cafe, located at 14300 W Warren Ave and 5741 W Maple Rd, serves delectable desserts. Stop in for some decadent ice cream, or if you’re not in the mood for something cold, have a few cookies or a slice of delicious cake. Visiting Shatila is a cultural trip your taste buds will thank you for.

6. Detroit Water Ice

Detroit Water Ice

Detroit Water Ice, owned by Mitch Albom, opened in early August, so it’s a newer addition to the frozen dessert scene in the city. What is water ice you ask? It’s a regional dessert from Philadelphia or South Jersey. It has the smooth consistency of Italian ice and the watery feel of a slushie.

Delicious and Detroit-inspired flavors include Corktown cotton candy and Mowtown mint and the chips. You can also snag a salted margarita or Bo’s black cherry bordeaux. Head over to 1014 Woodward Ave to dig into some water ice. The coolest part of Detroit Water Ice is that all profits from the store support S.A.Y. Detroit, an organization that helps Detroit’s homeless.

7. Treat Dreams

Treat Dreams

If you’re in Ferndale, stop by 22965 Woodward Ave for ice cream like no other. Treat Dreams creates its creamy ice cream on site in small batches. The store has made over 500 different flavors, and it changes its flavor offering weekly. Some of Treat Dreams’ more outlandish flavors include sweet corn, macaroni and cheese, and lemon extra virgin olive oil.To find out what flavors to expect on your trip, check out the store’s Facebook page.

8. What Up Dough!

What Up Dough

What’s even better than fresh cookies? Cookie dough. What Up Dough offers small-batch cookie dough that’s made with only the best ingredients. Flavors like mint chocolate chip, southern seduction, and p’nut butter s’more will make you disregard your mother’s sage advice not to eat raw cookie dough.

If you want something frozen, grab an iceberger, an ice cream sandwich made with delicious What Up Dough cookies. You can find What Up Dough at several retail locations throughout the Metro Detroit area.

9. Mootown Creamery

Mootown Ice Cream

Located at 2461 Russell St in the Eastern Market district, Mootown Creamery offers a variety of frozen treats to keep you cool and satisfy your sweet tooth. Choose your weapon – spoon or straw – and dig in to some of the creamiest, coldest desserts you’ve ever had. If you prefer not to get a brain freeze, try some of the non-frozen treats available.

10. Frosty Boy


If you’re planning on spending a day in western Wayne County, stop by Frosty Boy. Located at 67 Main St. in Belleville, this little shop has it all. Soft serve, sundaes, slushies, and malts are just some of the treats you can enjoy at Frosty Boy. Buy what your heart desires and enjoy it while strolling down Belleville’s Main Street.

Enjoy Frozen Treats All Year

Even if your favorite dessert shops don’t stay open year-round, you can still find their products in markets around Metro Detroit. While it may seem counterintuitive to eat ice cream while a blizzard sweeps through the area, who cares? frozen desserts are delicious, and they shouldn’t just be confined to summer. Neither should warm weather, for that matter.

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