This week the Bedrock team, who works for Dan Gilbert, revealed more details at a Downtown Development Authority meeting about what, if and when it is built, will become the tallest building in the city of Detroit.

Gilbert is a guy who gets things built, so let’s be honest — there’s little doubt the project will happen.

So let’s dive in.

1. It’s going to be on the old Hudson’s Department Store site

I remember that implosion in 1998. The old building was beloved by many and millions across the region had memories of it. It was 439 feet tall and had 2.2 million square feet.

2. It’s going to be 800 feet tall now

The new height makes it nearly double the old Hudson’s building and the tallest building in Detroit, and taller that the General Motors RenCen at 727 feet. It was designed by SHoP Architects.

3. You’ll be able to get some awesome views


If you’re not afraid of heights, you’ll be able to get some awesome views from the observation deck, like in Chicago. The top even looks like it might stick out a little.

4. They’ve redesigned it with an a plaza in the middle

Check this out from the meeting. Neat. There will be an auditorium, too.

5. You could live there


There’s no word on pricing, but 330 residences will be in the tower.

6. It’s going to cost a lot of money


Thought Little Caesars Arena was a big project at $863 Million? The anticipated cost of this will be larger, at $900 million.

7. There will be offices, retail and public space

This is how it’ll break down. 240,000 square feet will be office space, 100,000 square feet retail space, and 75,000 square feet of public space, including a cut-through from Woodward to Farmer.

8. Parking

700 spaces, underground for you car lovers.

9. There will be some sort of “market”

We’ll see about this one. There’s not a tenant found yet, but the floor space will be under 50,000 square feet.

10. A spinning loading dock


So that semi-trucks can easily get in and out in the dense area that is downtown, there will be a loading dock inside that spins the entire truck so it can drive in and drive out nose-first.

11. Construction is starting this year

The project breaks ground on December 1st. There are still quite a few design and financing details to work out, but the foundation work will begin. The completion timeline is still squishy.

12. The project doesn’t have a name yet


This is where you come in. What would you name it? The Gilbertower? Amazin’ Hazen’s Tower of Pingree Power? Let the imagination run wild.

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