We can’t help ourselves but have a laugh with the city and region we love. Here are some April Fools’ Day headlines for this very special of days.

1. Mayor Duggan Resigns To Start Artisinal Reclaimed Woodworking Shop In Corktown

2. Dan Gilbert Announces Annexation Of Hamtramck, Name To Be Revealed Tuesday

3. Hamtramck Name Change Delayed Indefinitely, Multiple Related Trademarks Applications Found

4. Hamtramck Renamed “HamtramiQ”

5. Lions Predicted To Go To Superbowl, Actually Win It

6. Announced: Bus Between HOckeytown, MExican Village And The New Lower East Side Shuttle, To Be Called HOMELESS, Will Be Available Starting July 1

7. Kwame Kilpatrick Admits To Being Sith Apprentice, Jedi Order Swoops In Seeking Clues To Find The Master In Greater Detroit Area

8. Saxophone Man On Griswold Street Finally Learns New Song, Office Dwellers Rejoice

9. Out Of Town Writer Stays For More Than Three Days, Starts To Learn What The Hell Is Really Going On Here

10. Gilbert Converts To Buddhism, Walks Away From Entire Empire To Plant Tulips In Southwest Detroit

11. Coneys Found To Have Same Health Benefits As Carrots

12. Exclusive: Gov. Snyder Drinks Tap Water

11. It’s Revealed That “Q-Line” Actually Stands For “Quarter Horses,” Streetcar Contracts Cancelled, To Be Replaced By Carriages

13. Campus Martius Turned Into Giant Detroit-Style Pizza

14. Developers Name New East English Village Development “EEVIL,” Don’t Understand Why Current Residents Don’t Like Decision

15. Jimmy Hoffa Found!

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