We believe a more informed community makes for a better democracy and better leadership.

For the 2021 election year, we’re doing a series of conversations with people running for office in the city of Detroit.

We focus our conversations on the issues at hand and on that particular candidate. The goal is that they’re long enough you get to know the candidate better, but short enough to not waste your time.

We are not offering endorsements to candidates, but to be a place to discuss their policies and ideas if a candidate wants to appear on the podcast.

Below you’ll find a list of the conversations we’ve already had ahead of the Tuesday, November 2, 2021 elections.

On the ballot proposals E, S and R:

Psychedelics, Reparations and Funded Initiatives on Detroit’s 2021 ballot (19m06s)

Detroit mayor:

Anthony Adams wants to be Detroit’s mayor (30m37s)

Detroit city council District 4:

M.L. Elrick wants to represent Detroit’s far east side on city council (28m30s)

Detroit city council District 6:

Hector Santiago wants to represent District 6 on Detroit city council (22m38s)

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