313 Day is coming! It's so official there's a proclamation by the city council president, celebrating March 13th and Detroit.

We talk about some of our favorite things around town, near and far.

Jer went out to Mia's bakery in Madison Heights. Devon tried fancy coffee mocktails at Dessert Oasis in downtown Detroit. A vampyre, anyone?

313 Day has a series of events around town, I share some discounts and deals from Buddy's, Eastern Market Brewing, and more... plus Red Hook is opening in Midtown on Monday.

Also, a little nostalgia when we found an episode of the show from three years ago this week with a food and restaurant roundup. https://open.spotify.com/episode/08EovHpxKxC7a5Jl0rL7fs?si=0c7052a4e27c40d5

General Motors is doing a big buyout of employees, how will it impact downtown - or has the impact already been felt?

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