Detroit is a city of change right now. It is changing by the year, by the month, and sometimes by the day, and in many ways.

While doing some research for another piece, we came across a number of stock pictures that we realized right away weren’t accurate anymore.

The photo on the top or left is the old stock photo we licensed to use. To the right or bottom is a photo we shot on Friday, February 25, 2017.

It’s important to note that by their nature stock photo libraries are mostly downtown and landmark locations. These pictures are a window on one part of the visual story and should not be considered a comprehensive view of Detroit.

But the change you do see can be pretty breathtaking. Let’s dive in!

1. What Is Now The Z Garage & Belt Alley

On the left is a stock photo showing a set of buildings, the back of which you cannot see from that angle anymore as the Z Garage has been built up around them, and an alley that was once just an an alley is now a walkable space with restaurants, bars and a gallery.

2. James Scott Mansion

Scott mansion rebuild

You know that famous fountain on Belle Isle, the Scott Fountain? Well, this was that guy’s house, built in 1877. The top is the old photo, but now it’s being renovated into 27 apartments. You can see they’ve rebuilt a lot to make this beauty shine again.

3. Soup Kitchen Saloon Is Now Orleans Landing

Soup kitchen and orleans landing

This one we had to peer through a fence to get a shot of the corner. This is because Orleans Landing, a $65 million mixed use development, is under construction where the Soup Kitchen Saloon (top) once stood. In the bottom picture, the saloon was on the corner past the red stop sign.

4. Michigan Central Station

One word: Windows. Not a ton more beyond lights and an elevator have happened, but the windows do make a visual difference.

5. Packard Plant

Packard Plant then and now

This may be the most photographed thing around Detroit. When you think Detroit ruins, most people first think the sprawling Packard Plant. Although so far mostly a visual clean up, plans are afoot by it’s owner, the Spanish-born Fernando Palazuelo, and the place is getting cleaned up and being monitored by security.

6. Brush Park 

Brush Park Transformation

This one is going to beautiful once it’s done. It’s nice to see that more than the Ransom Gillis house in that neighborhood is getting a makeover. We included a third shot to show the detail being re-created. Dan Gilbert and a consortium of developers have big plans for the neighborhood that are already underway.

7. The Zombieland Building Is Gone

The words “ZOMBIELAND” no longer hover over downtown Detroit. This is one where instead of a side-by-side because there’s a giant arena under construction in the way, we’re just going to show you a video we shot of the building being demolished in 2015.

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