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On today’s episode:

  • A state representative is planning on personally delivering a letter to President Trump asking for him to free Kwame Kilpatrick. Shianne argues there are plenty more wronged people to free first than the former mayor.
  • The city of Detroit’s financial health has improved, according to the Moody’s rating service. 
  • Macomb County lawmakers are looking to opt out of the Detroit Institute of Arts Millage that is up for renewal early next month. Opinion: It’s more of the shortsighted thinking that got Metro Detroit in this place. (Read more on the Freep)
  • Polonia Restaurant in Hamtramck is up for sale for a cool $450,000. And so is Craftwork in West Village, they are asking $300,000 for the space. 
  • Matt and Mo’s Italian Beef has kicked off a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a brick and mortar location in Hazel Park. 
  • Royal Oak Commissioners have approved plans for City Ramen to use a liquor license that was transferred from a Mod Pizza location in Rochester Hills.
  • There will soon be a new sculpture in Kellogg Park in downtown Plymouth thanks to the Detroit Institute of Arts.
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