There’s another entrant in Detroit’s club of bakeries that are getting national attention.

And this one just opened within the last year. In this hyper-connected world, they literally haven’t posted on their Instagram since then. And yes, there was a splash of articles in the foodie scene here — but from the reader response we got here at Daily Detroit HQ after mentioning it, a lot of people had never heard of the place before.

But national praise? They’re getting it.

Ochre just snagged the number 4 spot in Bon Apetit Magazine’s Hot 10 list of restaurants across the United States. It’s the only winner from Michigan.

Ochre is from the folks that did Astro Coffee over in Corktown, Jessica Hicks and Daisuke Hughes.

But this spot is tucked by some shipping containers at Warren and Grand River, right near the border of the Woodbridge and Core City neighborhoods.

I always knew that between their eggs and Anzac coffee (if you ever want to convince me of something, an iced pour over with an Anzac is the way to start off on the right foot) they had chops at Astro, but Ochre on Grand River and Warren takes it to a whole different level.

If you didn’t know, the Anzac cookie has roots in the New Zealand and Australia Army Corps and usually has golden syrup, oatmeal and a bunch of other goodies.

Writer Julia Kramer also is a fan:

9:28 a.m. Yeah, I’m going to need a slice of the lemon-pistachio loaf cake, a piece of the chocolate banana bread, and one of every cookie (espresso shortbread, chocolate-hazelnut, oaty Anzac) to go. Or maybe I’ll just never leave. —J.K.

And even better, there are seven recipes they share so you don’t necessarily have to make the trip to Ochre (but you still should go).

Ochre is at 4884 Grand River in Detroit.

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