There’s a beer battle brewing in Michigan.

Our guest on the show is Dayne Bartscht, Managing Director of Eastern Market Brewing to talk about it.

They’re leading a petition drive to change state law to make it easier for small breweries in Michigan to self-distribute their beer, without having to go through a distributor.

Also, Riopelle Street in Eastern Market is getting redone as a part-time pedestrian street that will be shut down during the evenings to create a space between EMBC and Detroit Distillery to enjoy.

Additionally on today’s show…

We highlight election results from around town, including oft-criticized Warren Mayor Jim Fouts coasting to victory in his primary.

Townhomes in Detroit’s Islandview neighborhood are going for $620,000 each. As part of the deal, developers have also rehabbed the home of an existing resident. They’re calling it ‘reverse gentrification.’ It made us scratch our heads and we’ll talk about it. 

The giant tower being built on the old Hudson’s may get downsized.

Kroger is hiring and Pizza Hut is closing some stores

And finally, we’ll tell you about Pups in the Plaza. Here’s more information.

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