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Cynthia Canty has a long and storied career, and we were honored to have her as a guest in mid-July. Well, her retirement is now actually a thing, so figured it’d be a great time to re-share this conversation.

It’s also audio editor Shianne’s favorite episode.

Cynthia Canty is a veteran broadcaster who hosted the news, policy and culture program Stateside on Michigan Radio, a NPR affiliate that broadcasts in the Detroit area at 91.7 on the FM dial.

She’s been on air a variety of places in Detroit. She spent years as part of Jim Harper’s legendary morning show, going with him across the FM dial. Canty also was on television at WKBD-TV.

On today’s show, me and Sven talk with Canty all about her career, how radio has changed over the years — and her thoughts on why so many people have so little trust in the news media.

Hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did. If you like the show, don’t forget to follow the Daily Detroit podcast free in your podcast app of choice.

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