The company was created here so it only makes sense that Carhartt, a fifth generation family company that at one time had a factory basically across the street from the old Tiger Stadium, has a retail store in the Motor City. Their corporate headquarters is now in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn.


The location, at 5800 Cass Avenue (Cass and I-94) is in the Wayne State area. It’s in a cool 1928 Art Deco building that was once a car dealership for Marmon Motors. According to their website, there are 20 company stores, with Detroit being the newest addition.


Carhartt has a legion of devotees who swear by everything from the overalls to their boots to their shirts. The stuff isn’t the cheapest, but you get what you pay for in that it’s durable.


The store definitely kicks it up a notch compared to many other Detroit retail options.


It’s clean, the merchandising (how the products are laid out and displayed) is on-point, like you’d expect and national retailer worth their salt to be.


The side of the building has a big ‘ol mural that’s visible from the freeway, and that’s smart marketing. Sometimes, Detroit businesses show up and you’d never know they are there because the sign is the size of a sheet of paper. Attractive signage matters.

Four things we liked.


The metal work table when you enter is pretty darn cool, and there’s local flavor everywhere without being cloying.


It’s well organized and the staff is friendly. Parking is a snap on the street or there’s a garage in the building. In Detroit, parking is crucial.


Also, a bonus, it’s great that they renovated and respected the building.


The flannel paradise that is this store looks like it belongs in any big city. Although it has Tony V’s bar and restaurant for a neighbor, there aren’t too many retail options right next to it. But if Carhartt is your thing, or if you want to see what it’s about, it’s definitely worth checking out.


Even if it’s just for a new dog bed.

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