Wahlburger is on its way to Detroit, according to a Fox 2 interview Tuesday to promote actor Mark Wahlberg’s new movie, “Daddy’s Home.”

The news is confirmed by Bedrock Real Estate Services, the arm of Dan Gilbert’s organization that deals with his properties.

“Greektown … I’ve been nice enough to get Dan Gilbert to give me a nice location,” Wahlberg said in an interview with Lee Thomas that we’ve included above. “I’m coming … could be this summer.”

In response, interviewer and comedian Will Farrell said, “I’ll come out to open your store.”

“Oh yeah,” said Wahlberg. “No free food, though.”

via Wahlburger Facebook Page
via Wahlburger Facebook Page

The location would be in Detroit’s Greektown, and is part of a rise in chain restaurants in downtown Detroit. In recent memory, a Domino’s, a Which Wich, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bagger Dave’s as well as Five Guys has opened, along with Punch Bowl Social, Starbucks and others that weren’t in the central business district just a few years ago.

The chain has locations in Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania and Canada and is based in Boston. As many as 150 more restaurants are planned for cities like Las Vegas, Orlando and Philadelphia. The place usually has a full bar as well as

Also, if you didn’t know, on A&E there is a “Wahlburgers” reality show starring his brothers actor Donnie and chef Paul, as well as Mark Wahlberg and their mother, Alma.

In an interview in 2013 with Jimmy Fallon, Walberg said: “Detroit is a great, great city. Hopefully people continue to bring more business there and help the economy there.”

It looks like now he’s going to be one of those people.

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