In this episode of the Daily Detroit podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Adam Schefter, ESPN Senior NFL Insider.

Adam shared his insights on the upcoming NFL Draft in Detroit, the remarkable turnaround of the Detroit Lions, and the dynamic state of the NFC North.

Our conversation kicked off with Adam discussing his ongoing advocacy for Type 1 Diabetes screening, a cause close to his heart due to his wife's experience with the disease.

Shifting gears to football, Adam gave an in-depth look at the upcoming NFL draft. He spoke about the exciting potential for teams to reveal their strategies and for young players to see their dreams come true.

We then talked about the transformation of the Detroit Lions. Adam applauded the new management's impact and the team's shift from being a laughing stock to a team expected to win.

Adam also reminisced about his time at the University of Michigan and his excitement for the draft to be held in Detroit this year - plus his favorite sandiwch pick in the state.

Finally, we discussed the NFC North's current landscape and where the Lions might fit in that.

Tune in to hear this engaging discussion and gain unique insights into the NFL's happenings, straight from one of the industry's most respected voices.

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Learn more about Type 1 Diabetes screening here.

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