All Things Detroit has become one of the biggest shopping events in the city. More than 12,000 people attend the event that happens three times a year.

The event now has over 250 vendors and food trucks set up throughout Eastern Market. Next up for founder Jennyfer Crawford is a You Tube video series where she interviews business owners as a way to introduce them and their products to the public.

“I kind of came up with it because I wanted to think of a way to showcase the businesses more and make the audience fall in love with their products, with not even the products, with the person,” said Crawford. “Because I feel like if you fall in love with the person and they have a great product it just makes it even better.”

All Things Detroit started in her one bedroom apartment five years ago. Crawford looked at the community of makers and doers and wanted to find a way to shine a spotlight on them.

“s it grew over the five years is when I started to develop an even more on my vision to know, okay these people are just like me. We all want to be successful. I just had a lot of time to think about what would make this event different,” said Crawford.

One of the more popular slogans and T-shirts around town, is “Detroit Hustles Harder.” Crawford says, the small businesses that are part of All Things Detroit all have that hustle that is synonyms with the city. She has an explanation as to why that is.

“It’s all about the business, but it’s also about taking chances. I always say that, ‘Chances make champions.’ I quit my job with no money. I was so focused on how to help people and how to help people like myself. That’s kind of like how the community and whole thing came about is just focusing on people and trying to help people just like myself.

To inspire them to actually accomplish what it is that they want to do. We’re most happy in life doing what we love so if people are there to support you and your community supports you within doing that, that’s when you’re able to feed your family. Also, do you know what? People are supporting your dream. We are supporting dreams with this community.”

All Things Detroit conversations can be found here. As for the event itself, the next one is on Sunday March 25th from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

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