Could it be that the Angels are finally winning in Detroit?

Between a combination of demolition efforts, more than 4,000 volunteers, as well as focus and organization, Angels’ Night has become a rather quiet night in the city of Detroit.

Over the three-day period that for years was called “Devil’s Night,” Detroit firefighters responded to just 52 fires. Here’s how the break down of that data over the weekend. Only 32 of those were determined to be “suspicious.”

There were 10 fires in occupied structures, 25 in unoccupied or vacant structures, 2 vehicle fires, 1 garage fire and 14 trash/outdoor fires.

“I can’t say enough about the dedicated volunteers who have come out year after year.  This is their accomplishment,” said Detroit Mayor Duggan.  “This was a total community effort.”

In 2014, there were 97 fires over the three-day period. In 1984, there were 810.


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