A four-part series focusing on Detroit’s heyday is coming to CNN in 2018.

“Detroit 1963: Once in a Great City” is the working title and will be produced by Anthony Bourdain and Lydia Tenaglia. Per the release:

…is a four-part series about the city of Detroit at its high point when their auto industry was the envy of the world and Motown ruled the airwaves.

The docuseries, produced by Zero Point Zero, will take viewers back to a time in America when people believed in the power and goodness of big corporations, had high hopes for racial parity, and looked to institutions like unions and the government to solve their problems.

The series title is a riff on the David Maraniss book “Once In A Great City,” and the series will draw from that work.

This isn’t Bourdain’s first TV tango with Detroit. If you remember, back in 2013 Bourdain and Charlie LeDuff tooled around town to for Bourdain’s flagship show, “Parts Unknown.”

Parts of Detroit’s history are back in the national zeitgeist. There’s an upcoming August release of the movie “Detroit,” about the Algiers Motel incident during the 1968 riots that is already getting award-level buzz.

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