Anti-semitic flyers were found taped to a church door on Sunday morning.

The Ferndale First United Methodist Church on Woodward found the fliers that include caricatures of Jewish men. The flier says that Jews are coming for your free speech. It also promotes the alt-right websites Infowars and Daily Stormer.

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The fliers, pictures of which were posted to social media, include the line that says the fliers are “brought to you by your local Stormer book club.”

The Daily Stormer is an anti-semitic website that has been banned from a series of at least 15 domains.

Apparently, fliers were also found at Arts, Beats and Eats in Royal Oak over the weekend and have been posted in other places in the area.

Ferndale police have released a video of the man on their Youtube channel, with hopes of talking to him about his quote “non-threatening but disturbing flyers” and to give him a trespass warning.

Nationally, anti-semitic incidents have doubled since 2015, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

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