Augmented Reality (or AR) is becoming more and more of a thing.

Games like Pokemon GO have brought augmented reality to the mainstream, and there are a lot of industrial uses for the technology that overlays computer-generated images, sounds, or other data on a real-world environment.

This project called ElectriFly Detroit plans to fuse street art and technology for a 35 foot by 20 foot interactive mural on the back of the old Steve’s Bar next to St. Andrew’s Hall.

Courtesy photo.

They claim that this will be Detroit’s first augmented reality mural.

The establishment is now called “The Elephant Room” and is at 439 E. Congress in downtown Detroit.

The design of the mural is by Ken Dushane III, also know as Phybr. It’ll be a three-headed elephant that comes alive when you view it with the ElectriFly app.

ElectriFly is a Detroit-based technology company that makes wearable gear that when viewed with the app comes alive in augmented reality.

In their Patronicity pitch video (their campaign has already raised nearly $1,300 of their $5,000 goal), they outline their goal for the project.

“This project gives us the opportunity to challenge how we experience public art and bring Detroit into the global conversation of how to combine emerging technologies to enhance art work,” said Zach Mattan, Co-founder and CEO of ElectriFly.

The plan is that there will eventually be multiple augmented reality mural installations across the city, but this crowdfunding campaign focuses on this particular project.

You can find out more about the project here. 

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