Norris Howard is back from vacation and we just into talking about local stories around town.

01:39 – There’s talk of moving the Detroit Auto Show again, back to the winter months as recent years haven’t had the luster of before the pandemic. Norris makes the argument it’s not about when, it’s the lack of wow content, futurism and pizazz and that’s what organizers should focus on as the real issue is CES in Las Vegas is about tech and cars are more about tech now. 

Whether you agree or not, here’s the whole piece by Carol Cain in the Freep to read all her other points, too: “4 questions key to Detroit keeping its Motor City nickname in 2024” –

14:35 – We ran a poll in our newsletter asking if more people need to move to Michigan, and nearly 70% of you said yes. Norris argues that the efforts should be focused on adding to places like Detroit, and not so much communities that are resistant to building new buildings. 

21:03 – Norris gets in on the predictions game, including that he thinks we’re going to see the city of Detroit’s first woman, black mayor.

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