The city of Detroit as a whole is still one of the lowest-priced markets in the country, but median rental prices are up for one and two bedroom places.

According to new proprietary data released by Abodo, rental prices going into October sit at $528 for a one bedroom, up 0.64% from last month. For a two bedroom, it’s $605 a month, up 0.82%.

Obviously, those numbers are lower than some of what you’d find in the greater downtown area or certain hot neighborhoods. Those high dollar lofts and apartments catch the most media attention, but median rental prices across the city remain low.

Detroit ranks 84th in price in the nation, with only Wichita, Kansas and Fort Wayne, Indiana being cheaper.

The rent for a one bedroom nationally is, according to Abodo, will set you back $1,020 a month.

The most expensive markets are San Jose, CA ($2,479/month), New York City, NY ($2,794), and San Francisco, CA ($3,269/month).

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