In news to lift your blues, here’s an absolutely adorable picture of a litter of baby rabbits that found a home next to a carrot patch.

The picture was shared by RecoveryPark, one of the most interesting urban farms in the city because of their mission and programming.

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The farm, based near Chene and Ferry on Detroit’s near east side, is  working on making a financially sustainable, local food ecosystem work in Detroit. They focus on creating jobs for Detroit’s residents and helping returning citizens and challenged workers return to the workforce.

The program is on the brink of doing something great — putting 170 people to work doing hydroponic farming. On the other side, they’re facing an immediate cash crunch that could stop this program, founded in 2010, from fully sprouting to success.

Hopefully, RecoveryPark not only provides homes for these adorable bunnies, but is able to keep bettering Detroit through their work.

p.s.: We know, technically, baby rabbits are called “kittens,” but we know that terminology would be very confusing.

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