Where's the beef? Everywhere, it seems.

This is an episode where Norris Howard and Devon O'Reilly rule the show. And it's an episode about beefs. And proposed changes to marijuana policy - and we talk about the possible impact, and what might actually make more money.

The rundown:

01:03 - Devon wants to know more about the beef between Kendrick and Drake. Norris obliges.

07:13 - Then we get into the beef between Comcast / Xfinity and Bally Sports, where viewers are losers in a season where the Detroit Tigers aren't bad. Major sports that aren't football are losing momentum, in part, because they're so hard to watch. 

15:25 - Is "sports" now just American football? And this is the fastest growing sport for viewership among younger adults. 

20:27 - Proposed rule changes around marijuana may impact the overall business, which is huge in volume in Michigan but low on margin. Is the real key to making money consumption lounges?

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