Is the addition of Founders a tipping point when it comes to Detroit’s beer scene? Food and Wine Magazine, in a piece released today, seems to think so.

Founders coming to the Midtown neighborhood in Detroit is big news for beer drinkers. It’s a big brand name that has pull in the minds of people and for sure, a lot of people are excited.

There’s something to note in an otherwise nice piece of positive news — more corrections from a “we actually live here” point of view.

In the piece, it renames the Cass Corridor part of Midtown “South Cass,” which as a long-time resident of the city, I’ve not heard used once.

This is how neighborhoods get renamed. Watch for some developer to start grabbing onto that soon.


It also highlights the popular HopCat and Jolly Pumpkin, as well as name checks one long-standing brewery, Motor City Brew Works.

That’s all well and good. But if you’re gonna come to Detroit for beer, there’s a lot more than Founders and brands that aren’t headquartered in the city. But if those brands get you here to try our stuff, then good on you.

There’s a lot more than Motor City Brew Works (not saying anything against them) that are local. They didn’t name check, so we will a few: Batch Brewing. BREW Detroit. Atwater. Eastern Market Brewing Company. Or across the street from Motor City Brew Works, you have the Traffic Jam and Snug that actually started this rolling as Michigan’s first brewpub and doesn’t ever get credit for that from the fancy publications.

Here’s the rest of the piece. It’s a “door open” to the idea that things around beer are happening in Detroit for audiences who don’t know better (with a few factual inaccuracies), but be sure to spread your hoppy wings a bit when you get here.

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