There’s going to be another java option opening up in Detroit.

We spied a new Biggby Coffee on Livernois between McNichols (a.k.a. Six Mile) and 7 Mile near the Avenue of Fashion. That’s at the border of the University District and Bagley neighborhoods.

Biggby is a franchised chain based out of Lansing, Michigan founded in 1995 and has 182 stores open in Michigan as of 2016. There was formerly a location on Woodward in Midtown, but their Detroit stores for now are within larger complexes like Henry Ford Hospital and the Detroit Medical Center.

Peeking through the window of the new Biggby on Livernois.

This new Livernois coffeshop is connected to the Ferndale location on Nine Mile as the phone number when we reached out for comment goes to that location.

One Of Detroit’s Next Areas

If you’ve been paying attention to the neighborhood, it’s poised to be one of the “what’s next” places in the city to see a wave of commercial development. After all, University District’s median household income of $88,640 is far higher than the city and state as a whole. Bagley’s $42,645 is also significantly higher than the rest of the city. Nearby Sherwood Forest has a median household income of a whopping $115,489.

Although the whole city saw tough times, both the University District and Bagley never completely collapsed and have strong, active neighborhood groups along with beautiful housing stock. The proximity to Ferndale and major roads also make it a good option for folks who work in the suburbs and heading downtown is easy down either the Lodge or Woodward.

There have already been new projects coming together. Social Sushi is working to get open basically next door. The Narrow Way Cafe recently opened down the street north of 7 Mile. Detroit Sip just opened around the way on Six Mile. There are universities and programs like Motor City Match that are funneling dollars into the area.

Here’s a list we did earlier this year focusing on the nearby Avenue of Fashion’s new as well as long-standing places. It also happens to be Motown legend Marvin Gaye’s old neighborhood.

We’ve reached out for comment as well as more details around when it will open. We’ll update when we hear more.

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