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⚡️ What to know

» Bird Bee is closing their retail storefront in Detroit’s Capitol Park. The owner of the women’s clothing and accessories boutique said on social media they’re not renewing the lease and will focus on online sales. The brick and mortar opened in 2017, so it’s been a solid run. Their closing sale begins August 9. [Instagram]

I think we’re still seeing echo effects of the pandemic, as more and more people just shop online and leases run out.

cars parked on side of the road near high rise buildings during daytime
Photo by Jameson Draper on Unsplash

»  About half of young adults don’t view the auto industry as an attractive field. That’s one of the findings of a new survey highlighting the trouble the industry is having attracting new, younger, and more tech-focused talent. Many think that automotive opportunities are mostly physically demanding factory work. [Bridge Michigan]

3134 Cass is in the background of this photo, next to the IGA market. Via Wayne State University.

» The demolition of a historic building on Cass in the Cass Corridor over the weekend has gotten national attention. Built in 1883, 3134 Cass served as a center of Chinese-American life in the city until it spread among the outer suburbs. [NBC News]

The Ilitch family has owned the building for almost 20 years. [Freep]

I have some thoughts on this one because my dad lived on nearby Plum Street back in the day, demolished for the Lodge Freeway and what’s now MGM Casino. He drank at The Old Miami in the Cass Corridor before it was “old.”

The right time to save 3134 Cass was in 2005, within a year of when it was bought.

The Saturday demolition got people to talk outside of very local circles about some important issues.

Of course, honoring Detroit’s Chinese history. That’s a series of podcast episodes, books and interviews that I can’t do justice in this moment, but hopefully a future one.

To me, cities and neighborhoods with mostly empty lots and vacant structures over time become places listed on a map. Cities full of people become places in our hearts, and that of future generations.

» Metro Detroit’s bus service is in crisis due to a lack of drivers and low pay. That’s according to a new report by Transportation Riders United, showing that wages to start at Detroit’s Department of Transportation and SMART, the suburban bus system, are not competitive. [TRU Save our Service report]

I went in-depth with Megan Owens, the head of TRU, on a recent Daily Detroit podcast about possible solutions.

» More than 21,000 people showed up at Comerica Park for international soccer. Sevilla FC defeated Crystal Palace FC 2-1 in sudden death penalty kicks. The crowd was larger than some Tigers games this year, and the tailgate party on Columbia street seemed to be a success. On the Monday show, we talked about it and some recent Detroit City FC news.

» A pop-up WWE SummerSlam superstore is opening up this week at Woodward and Michigan in downtown Detroit. It’ll open this Thursday, Aug. 3 through Sunday, August 6. This lines up with SummerSlam at Ford Field on Saturday night. There are meet and greets on Thursday and Friday. [WWE]

I’ll be honest. I haven’t followed wrestling closely since The Rock retired. Who am I supposed to cheer for nowadays? I did see a “Detroit 3:16” shirt through the window. Is Stone Cold Steve Austin still a thing? I thought he had a TV show now.

🧹 Housekeeping

  • We’re doing a limited schedule of podcast episodes this week and next, so I can have a couple days off for my birthday. We’re doing shows on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday instead of five days a week.
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🎙 On the podcast

» Your birthday wishes for Detroit // Detroit 75 Kitchen // Mitsos — In an extended version of “Where we’ve been,” we talk about trying Detroit 75 Kitchen in Southwest Detroit and food trucks in general in Metro Detroit. After all, that guy is all over my TikTok and Instagram.

  • Devon gets into his discovery of greek food place Mitsos in Eastern Market.
  • It was Detroit’s 322nd birthday last week. Money being no object, what would be your gift to Detroit? We talk about listener and fan responses.

» Detroit cannabis update // Chevy Bolt coming back — There’s a bunch of updates in Detroit’s cannabis situation.

  • The city council approved shortening the distance between establishments.
  • A number of new licenses will be issued.
  • And, Chris Webber is partially backing out of a $175 million deal.

Plus, the Chevy Bolt will be back! GM changes its mind on one of the most affordable EVs out there.

» 7 Foodie stories around Metro Detroit — You all asked for more restaurant stuff, so here’s a jam-packed episode with producer Shianne Nocerini, who makes a rare summer appearance.

  • Shianne visited Daly Drive In – now Daly Restaurant – in Livonia. For years it was one of the last drive-ins around until a recent accident, but she says it’s still worth the visit after more than 50 years.
  • There’s a new food truck park coming to Oakland Mall next year. We discuss. And then, Detroit 75 Kitchen has opened a spot in the old Sears Auto Center right there.
  • The Dime Store brunch and restaurant spot in Downtown Detroit is getting a second location in Rochester. The new location will be double the size and have a bigger menu because of the bigger kitchen.
  • Continuing the trend of restaurants that open first downtown but expand into the suburbs, Pizza Cat looks like they’re opening a new spot in Oak Park.
  • Brine in Grosse Pointe Park is opening very soon. We have the details, and can’t wait to try it soon.

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I took this on Park Avenue in Detroit outside of the Sevilla FC x Crystal Palace FC tailgate. You can find it on Instagram.

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