Mayor Mike Duggan announced this week plans to board up 11,000 abandoned houses as part of a larger program to demolish, rehab or secure all of the approximately 25,000 existing blighted houses in the city over the next two years.

According to the city, over the next two years they intend to demolish another 9,000 houses, rehabilitate 5,000, and board up the remaining 11,000.

The plan will involve putting citizens returning to society from serving jail sentences to work. Currently there are 13 people hired with as many as 20 to carry out the plans as part of a 40 person city workforce, as well as with partner organizations.

Between 100-200 houses per week will be secured under the program.

The first round of homes were identified by city registered block clubs in a survey the city’s Department of Neighborhoods conducted.

All told, $4.8 million is expected to be spent on the program.

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