The old power plant in Marysville, built 93 years ago and shuttered in 2001, came down today and is now a pile of dust and debris.

The “Mighty Marysville” was about 55 miles away from Detroit, and attracted spectators from near and far.

There’s something about an implosion that’s fascinating. One of the first local media gigs of this intrepid writer was covering the downtown Hudson’s demolition in 1998. Seeing something that took so long to build, and was used for so long, come down so fast, is breathtaking.

This video has a great view of the plant as well as later on in the clip is the demo is super slow motion. You can see each and every blast.

Here’s a zoomed out version for your viewing pleasure. Many thanks to Jeff Lacroix from CarWarz on Youtube who shared the video with Daily Detroit.

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