People love Detroit, whether it’s near or far. March 13th – 3/13 – is Detroit Day, and it’s expressed online through a variety of hashtags such as #313DLove, #313Day and #DetroitDay. The internet has been abuzz with tweets and pictures to celebrate the occasion, and we’re going to be updating this throughout the day with the various great Detroit-related items you’re sharing.

It all comes to a crescendo at 3:13pm, where the idea is that the noise would raise to the point that one of the hashtags would trend on Twitter (or other social media, such as Facebook). Of course, we’re going to play along. If you have something you’d like us to add to the stream, just @TheDailyDetroit on Twitter or @DailyDetroit on Instagram.

So check back throughout the day, and spread the Detroit love!

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