Don’t screw with our pickles.

In a post that’s obviously meant to create some discussion and emotional reaction (we wouldn’t know anything about listicles here at Daily Detroit, now would we?) BuzzFeed talks about “15 Hipster Food Trends That Need To Die In 2017.

Where we’re going to take exception is specifically number 9. In hating on “Artisanal Pickles,” they call out McClure’s Pickles with a picture and caption…

“You can’t makeeeee me pay $40 for brined cucumber.”

Let’s set the record straight. McClure’s are delicious. And using McClure’s as the poster child of expensive trends that have to go is a bunch of malarky. They’re not $40. They’re $7.99 at the Detroit Meijer for a 32 oz. jug. These are real pickles, from a homegrown operation and made with a variety of flavors. They are not some small, unexciting gherkins in a jar half the size (or less).

Sure, we kinda share them with Brooklyn, but there’s a 20,000 square foot factory here of fine pickled foods. And the family who created it? From Michigan.

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And have you ever had a pickleback shot? Try it, chasing down a shot of whiskey with McClure’s Pickle brine, agreed upon as the original chaser.

You’re not only supporting local with your drinking habits, you’re being conscientious by using the contents of the whole jar when you’re chasing down the whiskey.

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