It’s an idea that has been in the minds of Detroit and Windsor civic leadership since the 1960s — an aerial tramway or cable car between the two cities, crossing the international border between Canada and Detroit.

Discussions then, as far as we can find it, were revived in 1985, with a study funded by Detroit’s Downtown Development Authority. Obviously, a cable car or gondola over the river never got built.

The idea has now been raised by Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens, according CTV.

“Perhaps we can create a cable car crossing up for both headquarters on both sides of the river. We can really create something that would be unique here..”

Also in the article, they mention the Windsor leader has a meeting with Detroit billionaire and leader of the Amazon pitch, Dan Gilbert, next week.

It’s idea season: With this Amazon bid and the energy surrounding it, the ideas and rumors may start to come at a fast and furious pace. This should be entertaining seeing what makes it in and what doesn’t in the end.

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