Cafe Con Leche, located at 4200 Vernor Highway in Southwest Detroit, is renovating and expanding its location, and you can help.

Since it opened six years ago, Cafe Con Leche has been a staple in the Southwest Detroit community. The coffee shop often hosts community events like book signings, local artist showcases, neighborhood meetings, and networking events.

Cafe Con Leche offers customers a uniquely Detroit experience, serving local food options paired with authentic Latin flavors. Whatever your desire for coffee, hot or cold, you’ll find it at Cafe Con Leche, along with the shop’s specialty drinks.

The shop is looking to renovate its current space and expand to a second location in Detroit, 2990 W. Grand Boulevard. To do that, Cafe Con Leche needs to raise $15,000. So far, the shop has raised $7,740. The fundraiser closes in a couple days, so if you’re going to, now’s the time to lend your support.


The planned renovations include adding a new bar, improved seating, a fresh color scheme, and permanent art fixtures. Cafe Con Leche would also like to install sound buffers for an improved acoustic experience.

You can help Cafe Con Leche reach its fundraising goal by supporting the shop on its Patronicity page. Because giving should always be fun, Cafe Con Leche has established rewards for each giving level. If you give $10 or more, you’ll receive a social media shout out and a fresh cup of coffee on the house.

If you give $75 or more, you’ll receive a “Friends of Cafe Con Leche” package, which includes one bag of coffee, a sleeve, a t-shirt, and a signed letter and photo of Southwest Detroit.

Now for the fun rewards: If you give $500 or more, you get a three-month private label and supply of create-your-own-roast. Cafe Con Leche will keep it on the menu for three months, and you’ll get two bags per month for those three months.

If you give $750, you can attend a private dinner event with some of Detroit’s most successful food entrepreneurs. You’ll have the chance to network with them and gain valuable business insight.

For more rewards, check out Cafe Con Leche’s Patronicity page. You can also follow Cafe Con Leche on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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