The Ponyride co-working space, a building and project specifically for social entrepreneurs and artists, is now accepting applications for new Applebaum Emerging Artist and Knight Artist Residency Programs.

Three applicants will be awarded with $2,500 in funding, free rent at Ponyride, and a materials budget for the Applebaum Emerging Artist. An additional three artists will be awarded a total of $6,000 through the Knight Artist Residency Program.

Ponyride already charges below market rent for space. It’s not uncommon for tenants to pay as little as 10 cents per square foot. However, they’re required to provide educational classes to the community.

In addition to the rent and monetary award, the selected artists will have the opportunity for professional travel to New York to connect with the local art scene there.

The programs are being funded by the Applebaum Family Compass Fund. The organization is matching funding that Ponyride received from the Knight Foundation.

The 30,000 square-foot Ponyride residence is located in Corktown at the corner of Porter and Vermont. It has housed artists from around the world, but this time, Ponyride is focusing on Detroit artists.

Ponyride Arts and Education Director Noah Morrison hopes “the work that is created during this residency further elevates the artists and the already vibrant community in Detroit. This program is much bigger than a single exhibition or visit to the city. These artists will be creating experiences for the community and themselves in the process.”

The deadline for applications is Monday, June 29 at 12 p.m. Winners will be announced the week of August 3.

Apply to the Ponyride residency program here.

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