A coffeeshop on every corner is a thing in some neighborhoods of larger cities. But is it Detroit’s turn?

Can a one-block area — Capitol Park in downtown Detroit — support three local coffeeshops?

It looks like we’re about to find out. Let’s break down the options that are mere feet from each other.

Urban Bean

First, there’s Urban Bean. They’ve been there the longest in a small, neat mid-centuryish modern building on the corner of Griswold and Grand River. They first opened in 2008 and then after a hiatus re-opened in 2013.

Dessert Oasis

Second, there’s Dessert Oasis. They have a large space down Griswold, just a few storefronts down. They also have a suburban location in Rochester.

Cannelle Coffee & Pastries

And then, across the street from Urban Bean is the newest entrant, opening in 2018, Cannelle Coffee & Pastries. They also have a Birmingham location. They may very well have a deep bench when it comes to baked goods, from experience from the Birmingham version of their place.

Capitol Park Downtown Detroit Coffee Map

If you want to throw in additional options, the new Starbucks Reserve is literally on the next block over, on the other side of the Book Cadillac Hotel that abuts Capitol Park.

Avalon’s new shop serves coffee too, again, just a short block over at Woodward and State. So that’s five within a very short walking distance.

That’s a lot of coffee. But maybe with the addition of new residences nearby (the Farwell is under renovation and the 28 Grand micro-lofts are coming together, for starters — as well as significant investment and a redesign to the park coming itself) they can support it?

Or are the grounds already spent?

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