This past Sunday I went to the special Mother’s Day All Things Detroit market presented by Ask Jennyfer.

I rarely need an excuse to go to an artisan market but we also wanted to do an updated round up on some great small businesses.

A few years ago we did a list of 10 Michigan-Made Things We Loved At All Things Detroit, so it is certainly time to do a new list.

All Things Detroit has grown every year. If you go back to check out our old list you can see it was only utilizing Shed 3 in Eastern Market.

This year the utilized Sheds 2, 3, 4, and 5. That is a lot of small businesses to check out.

Let’s get this thing started shall we?

Lush Yummy Pies – Detroit 

There is something special about a recipe that has been handed down for generations. Jennifer Lyle has taken a family recipe for Lemon Butta Pie and turned it into a business.

You can pick up Lyle’s Lemon Butta Pie on every Saturday at Eastern Market. Lush Yummy Pies is located in Shed 2.

Savage Arts Studio – Lake Orion

Two sisters are behind this really cool jewelry business. One is an artist and the other is a Metallurgical Engineer.

By using chemical reactions they are able to etch designs into metal.

Lincoln’s Leathers – Wayne  

There are plenty of places that offer leather goods in Detroit. However I have yet to see any of them offer as much hand carving as John Lincoln.

Lincoln’s Leathers offers a plethora of leather items like clocks, chess boards, journals, drink holsters, and so much more. We spent a good amount of time just checking out everything he had to offer.

Motor City Creations – Plymouth 

I have two words for you. Faygo Candles. More importantly Motor City Creations have created a new limited edition Faygo Candle for the summer, Moon Mist. If Moon Mist isn’t your thing, they have also brought back Cotton Candy.

Motor City Creations also make some pretty great signs for your home. I have one hanging in my dining room.

Jetta’s Gourmet Popcorn – Detroit 

I have a weakness for popcorn. I have seen Jetta’s Gourmet Popcorn around for the past few years, but for some reason I didn’t try them until a few months ago.

The next time you are out and about and see Jetta’s table set up get yourself a bag. There are a lot of great flavors, but my favorite is the Garlic Parmesan popcorn.

Smile Brand – Detroit 

There were a lot of shirts we saw during All Things Detroit, but there is something so simple about a shirt that says Smile.

Artist and Baltimore Gallery owner Phil Simpson is the man behind the Smile Brand. I dug his message and his energy.

Jen’s Gourmet Salad Dressing- Novi

I believe that a salad dressing can make or break a salad. So I am always looking for a good poppy seed dressing and Jen’s did not disappoint.

If Jen’s Gourmet Dressings seems familiar to you, it’s probably because you might have seen them in the dressing aisle of your local grocery store.

Something Silk – Warren and Chesterfield Township 

If you are looking for beautiful silk scarves, lamps and paintings look no further.

Cindy Van Haaren and Mary Van Haaren are the two women behind these amazing pieces of art. I am having a hard time picking a favorite scarf I think it is between the scarves depicting the ceiling of the Guardian Building or the design from the Penobscot elevator doors.

313 Energy – Commerce Township

313 Energy has been on our radar since 2012. The business was originally started by two teenagers while they were still in high school. They have since sold most of their interest to two of their friends and they’re up and visible.

For every can sold a portion of the proceeds go to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation.

The Mighty Mitten – Ann Arbor

If you love the classic style of WPA posters then you have to check out Brian Walline’s artwork. I have a hard time narrowing down which print is my favorite.

We actually gave away one a print from The Mighty Mitten at our first Daily Detroit Drinks back in November. BTW, we have another one happening on Thursday, 5/18.

I Club Detroit – Detroit

IClubDetroit - Cat Spirit of Detroit

The first thing we noticed as we passed the iClubDetroit booth was the t-shirt with a cat as the Spirit of Detroit. My photographer and I got a huge kick out of it. I mean, the cat was holding a mouse and a ball of yarn what’s not to love.

Kim Wilds is the person behind this musically inspired line of clothing. I suggest picking up a shirt before heading out to Movement at the end of the month.

Nakee Butter – Hamtramck

When you’re selling a food product you need to have a way to get people to stop at your booth to try a sample. Some people have cleaver calls, but Nakee Butter has a tongue in cheek slogan to get your attention.

Nakee Butter sells a really delicious cacao-peanut spread. It is so much more than your basic nut butter though. It is filled with good for you ingredients like peanuts, cacao, coconut oil, agave nectar, pea proteins, brown rice protein, sunflower lecithin, and vanilla. Each little pack of nut butter is 10 grams of protein, which makes it a really good for on the go snacking. I tried it on an apple and it was so good.

Drifter Coffee – Detroit

Whenever I see Drifter Coffee I get an instant smile. I don’t know if it is because of the whimsical vintage Serro Scotty trailer or if it’s just because I know I’ll be getting a killer coffee.

During All Things Detroit I opted for something I hadn’t seen before – Traverse City Cherry Iced Tea – and it did not disappoint.

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