Pure Michigan rolled out new TV commercials, this time with three featuring Metro Detroit.

They’re supposedly more “visually edgy” but if this is closer to the edge, the creators still have a good few miles to go before being near the cliff. There’s the requisite hot spots featured from St. Andrew’s Hall to Rose’s Fine Foods to the Fox Theatre, to someone painting a wall to an urban farm. All the things you’d expect.

You can find the one minute spot above called Detroit Soul, and the thirty second one below (Story of Detroit) and one that focuses on the Henry Ford below that (We’re Open).

The commercials will find be shown on the Food Network, TLC and Travel Channel – as well as a large digital campaign on TIME.com – There’s also a landing page at http://www.michigan.org/detroitcomeback/.

For their part, this is what the folks from Travel Michigan say:

“This is more than a leisure travel campaign — this is really about challenging and shifting people’s perceptions of Detroit and celebrating America’s great comeback story,” said Dave Lorenz, vice president of Travel Michigan, part of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. “We want people across the state, the nation and around the world to see Detroit for what it really is — a vibrant city with hard working, passionate people; a place where old and new are uniting in unexpected ways.”

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