One of the most interesting and unique corners of Detroit is the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood. Although there’s definitely more to it, the so-called “Venice of Detroit” made up of a series of canals with homes along them that catches the attention of all who encounter it.

There’s nothing quite like it in Metro Detroit. As the kids say, “there’s a vibe.”

But because of climate change, rising river waters, long-delayed maintenance of civic systems, and more — the neighborhood is threatened.

It’s now a floodplain as designated by FEMA; while neighboring Grosse Pointe Park with a higher, continuous seawall stays relatively dry and avoids that distinction.

Planet Detroit’s Brian Allnutt dove into the issues at hand, from physical infrastructure to issues of income inequality, to differing ideas of how to wrestle with the challenge.

“Climate gentrification” in cities like New Orleans and Miami has seen wealthier and whiter residents displace low-income residents and people of color in less flood-prone areas.  But in Jefferson Chalmers, climate gentrification could mean that those with the resources to manage the risks and expense of living in a floodplain may replace those without them

-Planet Detroit

I talked to Brian on the Daily Detroit podcast today about everything that’s involved. It’s a needed conversation that that has impacts wherever you live as we’re all wrestling with our changing environment and aging infrastructure.

Or you can just download the episode here.

⚡️ ICYMI over the weekend: What to know

» Eastern Market CEO Dan Carmody and his wife, Vivian — also very active in the community in her own right — were hit by a car on their way to dinner Friday night at Lafayette and St. Aubin in the city. Sadly, Vivian died - and Dan was injured.

Eastern Market’s president Katy Trudeau will act as CEO while Dan recovers, and will get the support of their board of directors and board president Cindy Pasky, who heads up Strategic Staffing Solutions. [ClickOnDetroit] [WXYZ]

1417 Van Dyke, via Google Streetview

» A new bookstore is coming to Detroit’s West Village. Van Dyke Books plans to open in the next “two weeks-ish.” It’s located on Van Dyke and Agnes, in a historic retail and apartment spot from 1900. [Instagram]

There have been a number of book stores that have opened in the city in recent years. I guess words on paper between covers is still a thing! I, for one, am glad to see this old building see activity.

» The mental health unit of the Detroit Police Department is getting national attention. As we’ve talked about on the podcast, there have been struggles to effectively and safely handle those dealing with mental health challenges. The goal of this unit is for mental health professionals and officers to work together to diffuse crisis situations. [NBC News]

» Clawson is getting a brewery again. Loaded Dice Brewery is moving from Troy into a 7,800 square foot spot that willopen in 2024. [Freep]

» Hart Plaza is set for $9 million in improvements, including restoring the Dodge Fountain to proper working order. [CBS Detroit]

We talked about our fountain memories and more on a recent episode.

You can download the episode here.

Also, a couple of listeners asked about living car-free in Detroit. As both me and Devon have experience with this, we talked about that (and more) on the Friday podcast.

» The Detroit Riverwalk will finally connect all the way to the bridge at Belle Isle. That’ll be ready in October. [Urbanize Detroit]

Robin Runyan from Urbanize Detroit joins me on the show to talk about it, concerns about the removal of I-375, and the design of improvements on Belle Isle.

» Detroit City FC won 1-0 over Las Vegas Lights FC on Saturday night. City is still on the outside looking in for a playoff spot, but there’s hope. Check out our game highlights and analysis:

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