When it comes to being all-local, Rohani Foulkes and Kiki Louya are all-in with their market, The Farmer’s Hand.

Beyond local coverage (including here on Daily Detroit), the pair has already ascended the media ladder to coverage on Martha Stewart’s website.

Praising the just opened market featuring all-Michigan products, writer Stephanie Lovelle says that it is “sure to add to the neighborhood’s appeal and have impact state-wide.”

Eating local, yes we’ve all heard about that. The produce is fresher and more nutritious, it supports the local economy and cuts back on food miles. It’s a total win. And Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood just won with the opening of The Farmer’s Hand. This new market-café aims to bring make it easier for locals to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and eat healthily and locally.

As far as adding to appeal goes, the Corktown neighborhood’s real estate as of late has gone into the absurdosphere*. It’s the neighborhood where a loft just sold for an eye-popping record of $412 per square foot.

Below is a video we shot at the opening of the store last week.

*Yes, we know “absurdosphere” is not a word in the dictionary.

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