If you’re reading these words or listening to our podcast, you’re consuming local media.

And the Coronavirus pandemic has brought to the front something that you may not realize.

Most Americans — according to a 2019 Gallup poll — not only think that their local news outlets are an important part of American democracy, but they also think they’re financially healthy.

And that’s completely wrong.

Cuts are happening across the industry. Not just at newspaper outlets, but radio — and even TV is feeling the hit.

This was happening even before this pandemic, and now, it’s increasing significantly.

The dark irony of this is that coverage around the coronavirus is being consumed and is needed more than ever by the public.

To me, whether it’s city hall, the county seat, or the state capitol — it’s not a stretch to say that democracy itself is in danger without a vibrant press.

Here in metro Detroit, the problem is multifaceted. Not only do we have the pressures of the changing market and the pandemic, the largest advertiser in our community just went under. That’s Art Van Furniture.

So what’s next? And what’s an example of outlets coming together for the common good?

Our guest today is Matt Friedman. He’s a media analyst and co-founder of Tanner Friedman Strategic Communications.

Have a listen in the player below.

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