One of the most enduring criticisms of the Detroit Lions is of their ownership. The Ford Family has owned Detroit’s football team for decades, and doesn’t have much in the way of titles or winning seasons to show for it, and fans are frustrated.

Public comments today corroborate something we’ve heard rumors of but have been hesitant to talk about say that Gilbert wants to own the team.

“It has been his lifelong dream to own the struggling franchise and turn it around,” Lesson said live on WWJ AM 950 on Wednesday morning, adding “There could not be a better choice.”

Lesson, who hosts the show “Lesson on Golf” that first hit the air in 1997, grew up with Gilbert.

Although NFL ownership guidelines strongly discourage having financial interest in any other team – including those in other sports – Dan Gilbert has a tendency to get what he wants, and money talks.

Gilbert is known to spend to win. With his basketball team the Cleveland Cavaliers, their payroll is the second highest in NBA history – $175.6 million this season.

What do you think? Would Gilbert be a better steward of the franchise? Or should it be Ford-ward down the field?

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