Is Detroit’s comeback inclusive enough of Detroit residents? That’s been a debate that’s gone on for quite awhile.

However, there’s a new set of ordinances that Detroit City Council President Pro Tem Mary Sheffield is proposing she’s calling the “People’s Bills.” In short, her idea is to address the following concerns with ordinances and resolutions:

  • 15-day Pay Requirement for Small Businesses
  • A mandatory 51 percent of Detroiters on construction projects
  • Cash Bail amendements
  • Community Benefits Ordinance Amendments, extending the physical range where messages need to be sent and time of community input
  • Housing Trust Funds
  • Poverty Tax Exemptions
  • Water Affordability

In a conversation with Sheffield, Sven Gustafson talked through what her concerns are and where she thinks improvements could be made. Have a listen in the player above.

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