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I write this with quite a bit of gratitude for science. Earlier this afternoon I got my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at the TCF Center. It’s kind of a modern medical miracle, and it’s a step toward protecting those I care about. COVID has hit close to home for me, and currently one of our team members is in the fight with it.

The reality is — despite the number of times I’ve been called “sheep,” “loser” or “soyboy” for talking about it (so save the nasty replies, I’ve heard them all) — cases are on the major uptick and so are hospitalizations. This time, it’s hitting the 30-49 years olds really hard.

Our case rate looks like a flagpole. Here’s the graph of the Metro Detroit region according to COVIDACTNOW. We’re shortly going to exceed the spike in the fall.

Doubling concerning to me is the hospitalizations. The city of Detroit shared they’ve doubled in the last six weeks. This is the graph for the metro region.

Although it’s been said there are no plans to shut things back down, we actually are over the threshold Michigan Republicans in the legislature proposed to reduce dine-in service to 25%.

In our latest episode of the podcast with Dr. Paul Thomas, we get into what’s happening. We also answer listener questions like explaining variants and talk about the real possibility that to travel internationally and to go to large events you’ll need to be vaccinated. He says the “house is on fire” when it comes to Coronavirus cases.

My very unofficial tips if you’re getting vaccinated at the TCF Center

Here’s my unofficial guide to getting the vaccine at the TCF center for my fellow Detroit residents and those who work in the city.

I really wish they offered night appointments for more accessibility to those who don’t write and talk on the internet for a living, but the process was smooth as butter.

A few notes:

1) Enter over on Rosa Parks and go down to the waterfront behind the giant Post Office and in front of West Riverfront Park that way. Otherwise, you’re going to have to do what I call an “injection left” like I did because I went a couple streets early since I didn’t see a line. That’s basically a big Michigan left around the traffic control barrels.

2) Bring your I.D., and a pen. You’re gonna need to fill out paperwork. It’s not bad. And when you get the clipboard with stuff, don’t feel you need to do it right away. You’ll have some time when you get in. Also, pull up your scheduling confirmation email on your phone so it’s at the ready in case they ask for it.

3) I can’t tell you how fast and efficient it was. You park in your car in one of many lanes; and the vaccinator comes to you. Don’t forget to cut off your engine when you park because you’ll be inside. They’re also super nice!

4) Your 15 minutes of allergy reaction wait time will be in your car, so bring your phone or a book.

I’d schedule that you might feel a little slow afterward. So far, I haven’t — but everyone is different. Better safe than sorry.

Should Detroit get rid of parking minimums to help smaller developers?

That’s the question I got into with this in-depth conversation with Brian Mulloy. He not only rehabilitated a historic building at Bagley and Trumbull in Corktown, he built a new infill structure. It’s beautiful. But it was a journey to get it done.

A key thought he had was that there’s irony in Detroit being the “Motor City,” but once we started making motors and redoing our city specifically for cars, people started leaving.

Specifically he talks about how the city should in some neighborhoods eliminate the parking minimums, which he believes are onerous and require a lot of risk to get waivers for.

What we’re reading around town:

Bedrock Real Estate apparently laid off about 60 people with a pre-recorded Zoom call. Ouch. That’s not the way to do that. (via MetroTimes)

A neat retail and apartment block in the West Village is up for sale for just under $5.95 million. I just got a Black Tonic there over the weekend at The Red Hook. That’s iced tonic (like a gin and tonic) and espresso, in case you’re wondering. (via Urbanize)

Amazon Fresh looks like it’s coming to two locations in the suburbs. I can’t stress how much a grocery store that uses sensors in your cart and apps to shop (as well as designed with delivery and pickup in mind) may change things and impact jobs in that industry. Doing research, much of the produce, etc. is from Whole Foods. (via Crains)

Housekeeping items

My plan is to write a bit more often. I’m still going to do it as a “letter,” though.

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