TGIF, Friends. Jer here.

One of the most popular things we do on the podcast is try new things. And although Jazzin’ Bluesberry Faygo isn’t new, per se, it hasn’t been sold around here in the last decade.

My Friday co-host Devon and I not only tried it, but have a cocktail for it — the Bluesberry Cobbler.

That, and there’s a couple places in the city of Detroit to check out.

I had a chance to stop by The Roost in Woodbridge which was a solid experience. Recommend.

And then also the rather new Bakalikon that’s added not just a bar but an authentic greek market to Monroe Street in Greektown.

So if you want to listen to the fun and get more details, check out the show wherever you download podcasts.

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What to know…

The Village Plaza has been empty for years. Photo: City of Dearborn

» The Village Plaza at W. Outer Drive and Michigan is targeted for demolition. Built in 1968, it has more than 285,000 square feet of space across 12 stories. Dearborn Mayor Abdullah Hammoud shared on social media that the city has deemed it a dangerous building and ordered it taken down. [Facebook]

The story isn’t the demolition, it’s what should be next: Village Plaza was basically abandoned in 2018 for unclear reasons, with the tenants ordered to evacuate - and there have been a number of failed plans to rehab the site. From conversations with people in the area, Dearborn is one of the few communities in metro Detroit to hold or grow in population with the 2020 Census. This a large piece of property in the hot West Dearborn area that could be reimagined into something different. And that’s the energy I’m getting from this new mayor whether it’s this, the plans for Fairlane Mall, or other projects: Get the ball, keep it moving.

Photo via the EPA

» Diesel from a closed hospital in Trenton leaked into the Detroit River earlier this week. The Riverside Chiropractic Hospital has been shuttered since 2002, but red-dye diesel in an underground storage tank leaked into a storm drain and then the river. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that the fuel is contained, but this is the third pollution event in short order in the river.

An ounce of prevention: I can’t help but think we should do a full evaluation of Detroit’s riverfront from lake to lake to try to get ahead of any possible future issues.

» Catastrophic auto accident victims still need to have their care funded, says court ruling. A 2019 auto reform law passed with the aim of cutting costs, but it did it through cost controls on health providers. Which makes sense, but it left a lot of big loose ends untied. It ended up also providing a political win of checks to individuals from the catastrophic claim fund. The Michigan Court of Appeals now says those with major injuries before the law took effect still need to have their costs covered. [FOX2DETROIT]

More information needed: I’m for people getting the care they need. I do plan to talk to an expert or three about this on the podcast as to how this ruling could actually play out when it comes to the savings piece and the care aspect. The reform’s benefits seem mixed. Some data is in that it does not actually save money for the people who it was designed to help [Michigan Radio]. Most in the know (off the record, of course) tell me that Michigan and Detroit will continue to have among the highest auto insurance costs in the nation as long as we mostly keep our unique in the U.S. no-fault system. But working on that has proven a political hot potato, swarmed by lobbyists.

» Former Detroit Police Chief and ballot-short Republican Gubernatorial candidate James Craig isn’t going to vote for nominee Tudor Dixon. Craig says Dixon isn’t a good candidate. Friend of the podcast Steve Friess brings the insight over at Hour. [Hour Detroit]

If the election were held today, the majority of Michiganders wouldn’t voter for Tudor Dixon either by a double-digit margin. [NBC News]

» Longtime conservative analyst Nolan Finley is upset at the Dixon campaign and state Republicans, too. [Detroit News]

He’s had a row of columns about this. I can’t help but think reading them that this isn’t Finley’s Republican party anymore. It’s basically all Trump, win or lose it does not matter — that’s what it means to be GOP. The candidates reflect what the people of the party want and their reason for showing up and voting. The sooner that’s accepted, the sooner he and those of his political beliefs can begin their healing process and find (or make) a new home.

» Beware, plans that involve I-75. MDOT says that road repair and bridge work means southbound I-75 from 8 Mile Road to I-375 will be closed from 9pm this Friday, August 26 to 5am this Monday. All ramps from 9 Mile Road through Mack Avenue will also be closed.

They say the freeway-to-freeway detour is southbound I-75 to westbound 8 Mile Road then southbound M-10 to southbound I-75.

Where to go…

» Clawson Fest is happening Saturday, August 27. The festival is from 3 - 9pm. It has live music, craft food, and a kids’ zone for play. Artisans will also be at the festival offering their crafted goods. The food options look strong with Lucky Duck, Noori Chicken, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, and others. [Website]

» Southwest Fest (SWFest) is also happening tomorrow August 27 at the Senate Theater from 2pm - 11pm. The music and art festival is free. The event is organized by a collective of Southwest Detroit creatives and organizations to celebrate Southwest Detroit’s community. [Instagram]

» Detroit City Council President Mary Sheffield is holding her final “Occupy the corner” event of the year along with Big Sean’s Detroit On Blast Weekend. Events including a backpack giveaway, live performances, and a celebrity kickball game. Starting Saturday at noon. [Eventbrite]

» The Hazel Park Art Fair is Saturday and Sunday at Green Acres Park. Those of us who have been watching the Metro Detroit arts and food scene know that Hazel Park is an up and coming suburb with some fun stuff to do. [Website]

» Looking ahead: The Detroit Jazz Fest is next week in person [Website] and yes, the North American International Auto Show returns in September but with a very revamped setup across downtown Detroit. I’m sure I’m going to have more on it in the next week here and on the podcast.

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