Let’s start this off by saying this. If you live in metro Detroit and have not been to Al Ameer in Dearborn yet, you need to change your calendar plans.

I know, I know. It’s middle eastern food. Specifically, Lebanese. Some of you might be saying — because I get the feedback and I’ve read it — “But pizza!” “But I like burgers!”

Get over your reservations, get over yourself, and give. It. A. Go. If you’re not willing to try this place, I’m gonna revoke your foodie card.

Having gone multiple times myself, this is more than a shawarma. It’s transcendence on a plate. But let’s get to what Eater had to say, as they were the ones who gave this nod.

Among Dearborn’s cache of Lebanese restaurants, this is the paragon. Kahlil Ammar and Zaki Hashem’s family business includes an in-house butcher facility, so the unrivaled stuffed lamb (and also lamb liver, a traditional breakfast dish) exhibits exceptional freshness.

They also named it one of their “icons,” that they couldn’t see their list without. It’s the only Michigan restaurant on their national list.

Dearborn and nearby has an amazing array of food choices. As someone who’s taken someone on a date to to a gas station hamburger place (Taystees), maybe I like to push the norms a little bit. But it’s a culinary adventure you need to be willing to take.

One thing I noticed on the Al Ameer website? They’re taking franchise applications. Soon, the whole country could falafel in love with their tasty dishes.

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