Today’s episode is about history, design, and bringing a place back to life.

I have a pair of guests - Rachel Nelson and Taylor Morgan from Detroit-based Concetti design to talk about a recently completed project - The Murray, a set of townhomes from more than a century ago that are now completely full with tenants.

There are areas of town with a lot of new activity, whether it’s residential or commercial - and the owners, residents and developers of those spaces are more and more turning to interior design services.

Concetti has done a number of spaces you might know - from a redo of Good Cakes and Bakes, The Film Lab, Coriander Kitchen, and residences.

Learn more about them here:

Then, I’ll share some stories you should know around town. The QLINE may be funded going forward in part by hotel and liquor taxes; and some in the city are frustrated that they're paying out so much to settle issues with DDOT and DPD:


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