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Cleveland. It’s a city that is often compared to Detroit, and not always for their positive attributes. And nothing against our Rust Belt cousin, but it turns out it’s one of the prime destinations for renters around metro Detroit who are looking to get out of town. And apparently there are a lot of people in that category.

A new “Renter Migration Report” from Apartment List says the Detroit area is No. 2 among the 25 largest metro areas for the share of renters who are searching for apartments in other regions, at 49.6%.

Conversely, just 21.9% of searches for rental units in the Detroit area come from outside the region, good for dead last. In addition to Cleveland, the top cities where Detroit-area renters are looking for rentals are Cincinnati and Grand Rapids.

“Detroit has suffered from a decades-long population loss, and although this loss has slowed in recent years, the area has yet to cement a full revival,” the report concludes. You can read it here.

Remember, this is the whole region — there are hot areas like downtown Detroit where they can’t seem to build units fast enough to meet demand. And Ferndale’s rents are rising.

So yeah, we’re coming up short against Cleveland, for God’s sake. Here’s what else we’re discussing today:

  • There’s a penthouse loft apartment in Midtown Detroit listing for more than $1.4 million. Woah. [Freep]
  • Drunk people are apparently stumbling out of bars in Royal Oak and into homes where they don’t live, and city officials are on the case. [Daily Tribune]
  • The metal panels are coming off the exterior of Joe Louis Arena as part of ongoing demolition work. [Detroit News]

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