Today’s show focuses on sports.

00:48 Previewing the semi-final between Chattanooga and Los Angeles, the winner who will play Detroit City FC in the final at Keyworth this Saturday.

04:33 Golden Nugget Online Gaming is becoming the training kit sponsor (among other things) for DCFC. But NISA betting in Michigan isn’t a thing. Should NISA – not a development league, but not a premier league – be allowed to be available in sportsbooks? Should betting come to NISA?

10:29 The Women’s DCFC team lost 3-2 to Midwest United. Fletcher breaks it down.

11:22 U-23 Team DCFC update

12:39 Miguel Cabrera has hit homer number 493 and the watch for 500 career homers starts. He’s tied with Lou Gehrig for career homers.

14:47 The Detroit Pistons actually got the first pick, with NBA Hall of Famer Ben Wallace there. So what will they do with the pick?

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