Several weeks ago, the Detroit City FC announced plans for a new stadium.

Well, there’s good news for team supporters, the City of Hamtramck, and old Keyworth stadium, because the plans were approved on Wednesday.

In a statement, DCFC co-owner Sean Mann said “We greatly appreciate Hamtramck Public Schools seeing the potential of this public private partnership and working with us to bring the rehabilitation of Keyworth Stadium one step closer. It is exciting for us as an organization to not only find a new home that will allow us to continue to grow, but in the process add years to life of a historic venue that has created priceless memories in this community for generations.”

Echoing Mann’s enthusiasm about the project, HPS Superintendent Thomas Niczay said in a statement, “Hamtramck Public Schools is confident that the Keyworth Stadium renovations will enhance the quality of life in our city. The renovated stadium will provide a generous amount of access for HPS athletic programming and community recreation activities in a first class facility.”

The team outlined the details of the project on their website, and here they are:

  • The agreement with Hamtramck Public Schools (HPS) is set up as a multi-year lease of the facility.
  • In recognition of the significant investment Detroit City FC (DCFC) will make in rehabbing Keyworth Stadium, HPS agrees to allow the team to use the stadium for up to 25 events per year.
  • Now that the agreement is in place, DCFC will move forward with raising funds to pay for the rehabilitation work, which are estimated to cost between $750,000 and $1,000,000.
  • Rehab work could begin as soon as October, 2015 and will be completed by mid-April, 2016.
  • The agreement provides for an option to transition the field from artificial turf to a natural grass surface. This transition would not be completed prior to the 2016 season.
  • DCFC and HPS will cooperate to ensure that HPS athletic programs and community groups continue to have access to the stadium.
  • DCFC will continue to work closely with HPS, the City of Hamtramck and members from the community to ensure that we continue to create an inclusive atmosphere at our matches.  We look forward to meeting our new neighbors in Hamtramck, and we are committed to working with our new neighbors to make this exciting new chapter in our history a positive step for the entire community.

For more information, check out the team’s website.

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