There has been a lot of talk over the last year around Detroit’s security situation, especially in some areas that have private security teams that are in addition to regular police department personnel.

While in some cases these private police are licensed private security officers with misdemeanor arrest authority, such as with the GM Renaissance Center, the Detroit Medical Center, the Detroit Public Schools and Wayne County Community College, some are not, such as many of the security guards and apparatus around various private buildings and in some Detroit neighborhoods.

Well, the police chief of the city has weighed in on the debate. In an interview with WDET-FM, James Craig talked about how he is “not concerned” with private security forces downtown.

“I compare it to what you see at an airport,” said Craig, alluding to the multiple layers of security presence.


The context of the interview was in regard to a recent breach at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (a.k.a. City Hall), and then expanded to the wider downtown.

“I think it’s wise – this is not uncommon. In other cities that I’ve worked in law enforcement, private businesses have armed and unarmed security, malls for years have always had armed and unarmed security … The key is having a relationship with law enforcement ensuring that there is communication. In reference to Rock Security, we’ve had a good working relationship with that firm, we share information, they can be great eyes and ears … I welcome it, I don’t look at it as encroaching on our territory as law enforcement, I look at it as a collaborative effort, because police officers, I don’t care what city, can’t be everywhere every minute of the day … I welcome it. I see it as a benefit to Detroiters.”

Here’s there rest of the six minute interview. What do you think? Are you good with the private security forces in the city? Or would you like to see more restrictions in place?

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